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I'm going to Montreal this week end for the comic con, and i'll probably wear my glorious Eggman costume from SOS 09. Just Saying that for my 2 watchers in Quebec lol

D'ailleurs je vois même pas pkoi je l'écris en Anglais, Donc si vous voyez un Docteur Robotnik avec Sephiroth vous pourrez dire: Oh c'est Eggman et son grand et pertinent ami Sephiroth! Pis le Eggman ben c'est la fille de Evildoc, excitant certes!
Just saying that you should check the Evildoc Website for the next few days, I feel like something new will appear soon!
The Evildoc Website is finally done!

Some stuff are still missing but we are currently adding them it shall be finished tommorrow :)

You can still take a look though!

Right Here
Don't buy FFXIII i'm serious, It's boring! It's so boring that I feel I must warn you about it on a DA's journal! That game is lineart, not the usual RPG-lineart, i'm talking about an evil version of lineart! That game has no villages, no world map, you basically just move foward over and over, YOU ARE STUCK, TRAPPED, IMPRISONNED by the storyline. It's been like 8H i'm playing and I just kill robots over and over until I reach the 30 min cutscene with people crying about stuff! When the cutscene is done you just start another area with more robots, again and again until you realise how crappy it is!


thank you
Hello people!

Just wanted to say that we officially closed the old website, so you can expect a new one coming for january 2010! I'm working really hard on the design and I finally made something that all my guinea pigs love really much! I can assure you, the new website will be awesome, the design is nicer and it's gonna be easier to update so even Yogurts like Roger will be able to post stuff on it! Right now the old website is replaced by a special website called ''1996'', go take a look and don't forget to sign our guestbook, we read all your comments lol :D
Yay! Back from London and Netherlands finally!

I missed my good old screwed Quebec a little bit! Especially the free water, toilet and soda!
Summer of Sonic was a cool event I have shared with my awesome RPG companions :iconrogerregorroger:, :icondoublesnl:, :iconhhog:, :iconeuan-the-echidhog: and :iconfrobman:

I even won the 3rd place in a cosplay contest with my costume of Alex that strangely looks like a character's costume called Eggman.

What did I won? Awesome stuff! Such as a player guide of a game I don't have, and a game of a player guide I don't have! Aww Sega's humor!

Looks like people did enjoy Red hedgehog VI, even is the event decided to censore the movie a little bit (Shadow's finger again!) for the 2 children who were present at the con.

Now I am back for a long week end full of family members just to be sure that I get back my energy before going back to work, yay!

My next goal in life is to bring my website back to life with the help of someone I hope! So I am officially looking for a PHP geek....AGAIN! T___T
Sonic Show's Red hedgehog will be presented at Summer of Sonic in London, but first we need to know what are the 5 best segments! Time to vote!…
It's been a while I know.

I am uber busy since I left Toronto, even the evildoc website hasn't been updated for a while since i'm the only one in charge! Ahhh! Gotta use my vaccations to bring everything back on track! Also the new red hedgehog will be released possibly today on
That one is special for 2 reasons

1- Not related to a specific game
2-It's a collab with evildoc and 2 great animators :iconthewax: and :iconlegend20x:

it's gonna be on DA and NGs around christmas and as soon as I get time to update the website I put it in :)

Merry christmas everyones!
Yeah as you noticed by my new artworks i'm back from my exile!

Evildoc is now busy as hell, we are now working on red hedge 3. After that we have a lot of new projets based on our trip to Toronto. BTW here is Roger's report about our ultimate meeting of doom hehe!





I'm leaving for two months, Yogurt will join later for the ultimate meeting of doom, see ya in august!
Hi everyone

We just moved the evildoc website to

and added few stuff about the Red Hedgy Project.

The site is now functionnal


note: For now, every futur evildoc movies will be posted on the website before DA, SA and Newgrounds.
Finally, I'm back and fully operationnal! Just in time to celebrate first Evildoc's anniversary, yup, everything started in august 30 2006, one year already! I planned to release the Website around this date but I'm not sure about it anymore, actually my main job in html stuff is to ask my slaves to go faster but I can't do it if my slaves are offline. I paid for the domain's name

Right now it's really boring, there's a lot of things to do so maybe I should forget the poetic august 30 grand opening. At least the forum is operationnal:…

I still have to work on the visual a little bit and change the address for something easier. The Webmaster is :iconrugalb95:

When the site will be ready all upcoming evildoc's movies will be released there first. Yogurt and I have in mind 3 projects right now. Aww work work work!

see ya
Don't worry I'm not dead, I'm just in Toronto spending some free times before school. Evildoc projects will flow when I'll start to scare Yogurt again I promise. We gonna have a new website with a lot of awesome things for Evildoc's first anniversary. As for me, I still draw Sonic stuffs.....for MONEY! I'm officially a dirty art whore! If you want to see them just go here -----> :iconrugalb95:

And if you want a comission from me you'll have to wait when I'll be back but you can send me an email with the details I still can think about it.

So see ya in one month!
hello my 10 readers! If you already checked on Roger's side you probably know now that there's a project IV in slow progress, if you don't, well, there's a project IV in slow progress, you also maybe know some details I specified to Roger to be secret but he revealed them anyway so I did my è_________é face to him and he was like ''I'm grumpy I eat yogurt!'' and we had a BIG FIGHT and it ended up with a big FINE *smash the door*! EVIL is Better than DOC! DOC is better without EVIL!!! So we splitted up for a while with a sad BG song and some depressed pictures of us until something EXTREME happened to the world and forced us to team up again! After that we realised that EvilDoc is like A FAMILY! And we always have to trust eachother, and work hard! A good family can do ANYTHING! *hand shaking*

It was surely the most exciting 2 minutes in EvilDoc's life!

So yeah we have an idea in mind, but I won't be able to work on it before June, I will submit something special when the project will start officially.

Seems like EvilDoc starts to have some ''fans'' that's great! I received some arts about

Bowser Plan… Shadow Show… Pete and even our emo selfs!…

oh and yeah it looks like we finally have a ''fan club'' :iconevildoc-club: that's great!

all we need is a hate-club and we will be famous!

So thanks everyone for your support! We love receiving stuffs and comments, at least, I like it, even if everyone thinks I'm only a pencil inside the team! because I'm not! I do half of the script, all the characters, some special animations, I always do a voice somewhere, I'm the one who scream at the actors for lines when they are late! I'm the one who scream at Roger when he does mistakes, I'm the one who scream at Roger when he goes on vacation in the middle of a project! I try to work at least as hard as Roger does. it's How family works! Work hard, trust eachothers and listen to you heart! Then you can do anything!!
Finally done! Second Shadow Show half and the last one! I would like to thanks everyone especially this impossible dutch pal of mine, Rogy! Each time we decide to make something together we finish it on the edge of insanity and we need a biiiiggg break! So EvilDoc is now DEAD until we find something else to make fun of.

so enjoy this wonderfull movie that almost killed us! :)
Yeah! Shadow is back online! Now it's up to you, fans to get the emo king back on track. We are counting on you!

Evildoc inc.
Well It's finally done, DA deleted Shadow Show. Why? Seriously I don't know, a jealous geek reported it for no reason, Or maybe the Emo god wants revenge!

..Yeah...It means... wow! I'm popular! now annoying people are after me! It seems Shadow's adventure is over for now. It's totally depressing to work so hard on something and suddenly you get a scary note with: YOU BROKE THE RULES SCREW YOU!! on it and you totally don't know why.

What a tragic time for Evildoc
farewell Emo King...
AA's requests FAQ

1- Do you make requests?

An : Yes

2- Do you make free requests?

An: No

3- How much is a request?

An: It depends on the situation, It's rare I'll go over 16$, it's mostly cheaper than that.

4- How am I suppose to pay you?

An: Paypal and I accept mandate cash too

5- how it works?

An: If we start business together, I'll ask you a few questions about this request you want, it's very important to tell me anything you want first, then we'll discuss the price. I deliver the draft soon after that, to show you if you like it this way, if anything is alright I'll continue the artwork. Usually it takes me only few hours to complete a request. Very important: I will not deliver the final work until I receive the payment.

6- Do you accept ''rings''?

An: If you pay me with rings I sure be glad to make your request with glue and macaronis

7- It's only ''Sonic-like'' requests?

An: No. If you want something else I'm totally comfortable with this.  


Le merveilleusement merveilleux FAQ de AA

1- Es-tu Duffy?

Rep : Non!

2- Alors tu fais des requests?

Rep : En effet, mais des requests payantes

3- Combien cela coûte-t-il?

Rep : Cela dépend de la situation, mais c'est rarement au delà de 15 euros, c'est même plus souvent en dessous de ça que le contraire.

4- Comment te paie-je?

Rep : Par Paypal ou par mandat postaux

5- Acceptes-tu les ''rings''?

Rep : Si tu me paie en rings tu peux être sur que je ferai ta request avec de la colle et des macaronis.

6- C'est cool des Macaronis…

Rep : Dans ce cas paye moi en rings

7- Comment ça fonctionne?

Rep : Tu dois tout d'abord me dire ce que tu veux de façon détaillé, suite a cela je t'envois le brouillon très rapidement pour savoir si tu es satisfait, si tout est correcte je termine le dessin. Mais je n'envois pas le produit final avant d'avoir reçu le paiement, c'est vraiment très important, les excuses du genre : ''mes parents veulent pas, je suis a sec est-ce que je peux avoir le dessin gratuitement quand même?'' ça ne fonctionne pas et je dois ensuite détruire cette request que j'ai fais, résultat je suis triste d'avoir perdu mon temps et le client est triste car je suis triste! Si tout le monde respecte ses engagements tout ira bien et je serai ultra sympathique.

8- Fais-tu juste du Sonic?

Rep : Non, je suis tout a fait confortable avec d'autres styles.

9- Fais-tu de la porn?

Rep : je vous conseille de devenir ami avec Duffy
after two days of suffering Shadow Show is reborn on newgrounds!


Now we'll work on part 2!

Roger is dead So I'll work alone a few weeks, enough time to prepare all the glorious new models!

this adventure made us paranoid so we propably gonna prepare a master plan next time: ''submit a movie without problems of doom that destroy everything on it's path'' project. If you have any idea tell us!